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The 100.76% perfect strategy payout on Deuces Wild video poker games made them a quick hit among amateur and professional players alike. Bonus Deuces Wild Poker became popular for different reasons—by offering classic Jacks or Better fans a simple but exciting variation in the paytable without increasing the minimum hand.

Both games have their merits, though one is preferred for practical reasons and the other for entertainment value. Bonus Deuces Wild Poker has combined these two elements – and the two games that best display them – into one new video poker game.

So what’s so great about Bonus Deuces Wild Poker? While it may take something from the two games it’s based on, it still manages to create something totally new. In fact, players would be ill-advised to try to use just a Bonus Poker or Deuces Wild strategy on Bonus Deuces Wild Poker.

Bonus Poker fans will have to adapt to playing with wilds. They’ll also have to alter their strategies in light of the new starting hand – Three of a Kind. The game keeps the increased pay for certain combinations, but instead of Four of a Kinds they’re now Five of a Kinds (thanks again to the wilds) with a special bonus payout for Four of a Kinds with an Ace kicker.

Deuces Wild fans are in for a ride, too. While the paytable still starts at Three of a Kinds, on a full pay Bonus Deuces Wild Poker paytable there’s now an increased payout for Five of a Kinds, Four Deuces plus an Ace, Straight Flushes, Full Houses, and regular Flushes with a decreased payout for regular Four of a Kinds and Straights. With this new paytable the Straight that once doubled your bet will only give you a 1-1 return. Also Five of a Kinds with Aces, 3s, 4s, or 5s now offer much larger payouts than Wild Flushes.

Deuces Wild fans may be disappointed to see, that the expected return has dropped beneath 100% while Bonus Poker players should be excited to see, that full pay Bonus Deuces Wild Poker offers a return, that’s a full half a percent better than the one offered by full pay Bonus Poker machines.

If you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet, it means that – when played with a perfect strategy – Bonus Deuces Wild Poker has an expected return of 99.86%. While it’s definitely not as generous as Deuces Wild, it’s workable. Virtually all online casinos offer an automatic loyalty points program, making it easy to make the extra. 14% toward positive expectation with regular play.

Like many new video poker games, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker is being offered with a lot of paytable variations. It may initially seem counterintuitive, but the best one is actually the 10/4/4 and NOT the 13/4/3. It may take some time to find these full pay machines, but once you do we’ve heard encouraging reviews from many first-time Bonus Deuces Wild Poker players.

If you’re still not sure that you’re going to love this game, remember that there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of casinos, that offer free versions of their video poker games. Download and study your new Bonus Deuces Wild Poker strategy, play a few free hours of the game, and you might be surprised how well it holds up against its two popular predecessors.

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